Excellent Ad Placement

Ad placement is the problem of putting an advertisement in exactly the right spot so that the people you are trying to reach will see it.
This week I was at the Supercomputing conference in Portland.  The density of iPhones at the conference is very high.  One morning I fired up my Accuweather app to find out if I should bring the umbrella.  It is Portland after all!

iPhone screen shot
iPhone screen shot

This is outstanding ad placement.  You are looking for supercomputer geeks.  They congregate in Portland, they have iPhones. They are going to check the weather.  Score.

A Tribute to xkcd

I am an avid reader of xkcd.  Recently a cartoon on Movie Narrative Charts appeared. My immediate reaction, of course, was to search the Minuteman Library Network for an available copy of the time trave movie Primer.
My favorite quotes:  “Are you hungry? I haven’t eaten since later this afternoon.” and “The best mathematicians are the lazy ones.”
Win and I watched the movie the other night, and I came up with this appreciation, in the style of xkcd: