What I believe:

Joe Biden won the election. There was a large turnout, many people voted early and by mail and the election was the cleanest and best run ever. People who believe otherwise have not produced any evidence and have lost in 63 legal challenges, in many states, and many courts, including the supreme court..

Trump has refused to accept a peaceful transition of power, and has incited an actual insurrection that so far has killed six people

Trump has been supported in his rejection of law and the constitution by many Republican Attorneys General, six Republican US Senators, and over 100 Republican Representatives.

Trump should be removed from office immediately, by the 25th amendment or by impeachment and conviction.

Trump should be barred from ever again holding a position of power or honor, either through impeachment and conviction, or by the 14th amendment.

The congressmen and senators who violated their oaths to the constitution must resign or be expelled from the congress.

I think we need a conservative party in this country, and there is a fair amount of evidence that democracies work best when they have two reasonably well balanced groups. The problem I have is that the current Republican party is not conservative and doesn’t believe in democracy. They seem to spend their time trying to deny the right to vote to people who don’t agree with them. This is pretty obvious through gerrymandering efforts and voter suppression efforts.

I think that conservatives should abandon the Republican party and start a new one.

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