Ukraine Whistleblower

Mr. Trump says the whistleblower should be ignored because he reports second hand information.

The law does not require first hand knowledge. The report must only be urgent and credible, which it was found to be by the IG, who is a Trump appointee.

Mr. Trump says the whistleblower claims facts that are incorrect.

Mr. Trump himself released the transcript of the call, which confirms the representations made in the whistleblower report. The White House confirmed the movement of call records to the code-word server. The whistleblower noted Mr. Giuliani’s travels, and those have been confirmed on TV by Giuliani himself. The remaining mystery is who ordered the halt to Ukraine aid, which will be properly investigated by Congress.

Mr. Trump says the whistleblower has a political agenda.

That is unknown but irrelevant. It was the whistleblower’s clear duty to report his observations to the inspector general, through proper channels. After that, the IG and the DNI and the Congress are responsible for what follows. The IG and the DNI are Trump appointees.

Mr. Trump claims the whistleblower is a spy and public speech by Congressman Schiff is treason. Neither is true or possibly even legal. I certainly would like to see such statements clearly rejected by every American. Perhaps Twitter should close his access for inciting violence. Perhaps Mr. Trump can be sued for creating a hostile work environment/

In short, this isn’t about the whistleblower. It is about abuse of power and the, at this point, fairly obvious violations of his oath of the president. If Mr. Trump feels that the published whistleblower complaint and published (but incomplete) transcript of the call are incorrect, then his best course of action should be complete transparency, to get these “mistakes” cleared up quickly.

I read the whistleblower report. I recommend you do t0o. See

My own opinion is that this man or woman is both an excellent analyst and an excellent writer. I’ve heard a rumor that our local high school AP Government class may use this as an example of both.

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