Earth Science

I have a daughter in 8th grade. Her science class has been studying Earth Science.
A recent segment has been on rocks, in preparation for a field trip to western Massachusetts and eastern New York.
I couldn’t help myself, so I’ve written up the following appreciation:

My homework:
This week in school we learned about the three kinds of rocks, which are metaphoric, ingenious, and sedentary.
Ingenious rocks are the first kind of rocks. They come flying out of volcanoes, or spill out in the form of red hot lava. I think they are called ingenious because they have to figure out how to get out of the magma chamber underneath the volcano. It is like a maze, I guess.
The second kind of rocks are sedentary. They are formed when ingenious rocks weather away and fall to the bottom of the ocean as clay. Then they just lay around until they turn into solid rock.
The third kind of rocks are metaphorical. They are formed when heat, pressure, and inspiration turn other kinds of rocks into metaphors. For example, some metaphorical rocks have twisted layers that started out straight. Kind of like kids when they get too much homework.


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