More bad design of hotel wifi

Today I am at the Marriott Courtyard near BWI. They have free wifi.  Actually it isn’t bad. Go Marriott. Unfortunately it is still screwed up in three ways:

  • iPhone access is entirely broken. When you try to use the web browser you get an infinite series of “click here to continue”
  • https access doesn’t work.  I have configured google so that it always connects with TLS.  No intercept screen or advice, just fail.
  • When you finally think to try http, you get the incredibly busy ibahn login screens, with the free option, but then you get this acceptance screen:

May I rant?  Showing customers the stack trace of your broken application is Not Good.  And Microsoft! Thank you for advertising that your “.net” is so helpful.  I’ll be sure to not select .net for my next web project.

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