We’ve recently returned from a family vacation to Hawaii.  Cathy and I went to Maui and the Big Island for our honeymoon, and we returned to those islands with the kids, 20 years later.
On August 14, we drove up to the top of Haleakala (“House of the Sun”). This is the 10,000 foot volcano on Maui, and the sunrise is reputed to be spectacular.  We got everyone up at 2:30 AM and got to the top at 5AM, in time to get a parking space in preperation for the sunrise at 6AM.
It is cold up there, even in August

Bundled up on Haleakala

Before sunrise, the sky is quite interesting:
Sky above Haleakala

Then, just as the sun rises, the domes of nearby Science City light up, but not yet the ground.
Science City on Haleaka, first rays of the sun

And here is the sunrise itself:
Sunrise on Haleakala

And for those who keep track of such things, there is no cell coverage by ATT at the top of Haleakala, but Verizon works just fine.

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