What I do

I used Splasho’s “Up-Goer Five Text Editor.”  to write what I do, using only the most common 1000 words in English
In my work I tell computers what to do. I write orders for computers that tell them first to do this,and then to do that, and then to do this again.
Sometimes the orders tell the computer to listen for other orders from people. Then the orders tell the computer how to do what the people want, and then the orders tell the computer to show the people what the answer is.
I used to build computers. I would take one part, and another part, and many more parts, and put them together in just the right way so the computer would work right. Computers are all the same, they listen for an order, then do what it says, then listen for another order. We use them because they do this thing very very very very fast.

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