Congress and Sexual Harassment

I’ve sent the following to my representative and senators.  They are all democrats so who knows how much good it will do.

I am outraged to learn about the secret fund, paid for by taxpayers, that is used to settle sexual harassment claims against members of congress.
I would like you to publicly commit to ending this practice. It is shameful.
Further. I would like legislation that makes a non-disclosure agreement as part of a sexual harassment settlement non-enforceable with regard to illegal conduct revealed to law enforcement.

I think it should be clear to everyone how evil it is for congress to settle claims against members, and make us foot the bill.  Congress has a habit of exempting itself from laws and the practice should stop everywhere, but it should certainly not extend to free settlements.  (And don’t get me started about tax returns.  Members should be required to do their own taxes and every one should be audited every year.)
Regarding non-disclosure agreements, frankly  I don’t know what to do about these quiet settlements.  It may be the only recourse people have, given the typical reluctance of law enforcement to pursue predators, but if those attacked are successfully silenced, then the powerful and entitled predators are free to attack others.

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