Evidently I am a Windows Pirate

May I rant?
I have a Macbook Pro, which I like, well, quite a lot.  When I first got it, I gave it to my wife to run Windows XP, using Boot Camp.  Why? Because I love her more than the Mac.
It turned out that she doesn’t like the trackpad having only one button, so I got it back, and I happily run MacOS.
The copy of Windows XP on the Mac is an OEM copy for computer builders, which I think is fine, since I replaced the hard drive.
Last night I had to run Windows in order to run Turbotax Business, which unaccountably is only available for Windows.  I fired up Vmware Fusion and had it boot the boot camp partition… and Windows refused to run because it had been installed on a different computer.
Um, no, Microsoft, this is NOT a different computer. I added a layer of emulation, but every transistor and wire is identical to before.  I am not sure how this behavior is supposed to benefit Microsoft shareholders.
And yes, by rebooting directly into Windows, it works fine.

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