Microsoft EULAgy

As I was planning this post, I thought I would check the fine print in the End User License Agreement for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2004 for the Mac.
I can’t find it.
The Microsoft website does have the license for the Windows version of Home and Student 2007, but only as a self-extracting EXE file.  (A) I don’t have a way to read that, since my XP won’t run under VMware and (B) Office on the Mac says to load the original CD to see the license.  Well the CD is at home.
For such a lawyer-crazed company as Microsoft, they sure make it hard to find out what their rules are.  I guess that is deliberate.
Anyway, AFAIK, I can’t use Home and Student for work related things.  Consequently, last week when I gave a talk at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley, I used Keynote.

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